Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bronek Kozka featured in current issue of Artist Profile magazine

The work of Melbourne photographic artist Bronek Kózka occupies an intigiung space.  Drawing on snippets of collective and personal memory, his highly construced, meticulously lit images trace an unlikely path between mnemonic index and vividly filmic tableaux.

But while cinema would seem a central reference to Kózka's fastidiuosly detailed photographs, he frames his practice in a far more personal and poetic light.  Born into a part Jewish family from a village near Auschwitz, his experience of familial history has loomed large in his reading of the world and the place of memory and the photographs within that.

Check out Artist Profile magazine for the rest of this article written by Dan Rule.

Bronek Kózka's exhibition Memory: Pandora's Hippocampus is currently on now until the 3rd of September.