Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Michael Schlitz featured in September issue of Art Monthly

An informative look into the work of printmaker Michael Schlitz, this article by Brisbane based curator Anne Kirker features an interview with the artist and and an insightful look at the practice of woodcut printmaking.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Belinda Winkler joins Bett Gallery

Energy & Equilibrium #2, porcelain.  Acquired by Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery

Belinda Winkler is a sculptor, ceramist and object designer. Within her multidisciplinary practice, she works across a diverse range of media and scales, from porcelain through to fibreglass, steel, bronze, Lycra and concrete and from intimately scaled vessel forms through to architectural installations and large-scale public art commissions.
Belinda’s art and research practice is focused on an exploration of the evocative nature of the curve under tension. Her visually dynamic curves are created through the stress forces of tension, compression, torsion and bending. These particular curves hold a certain ambiguity and mystery. While abstract, they invite associations beyond the visual and the intellectual. They are evocative, and thus have the potential to generate identifications and connections, both sensually and aesthetically. They tempt touch, be that with the eyes, the hands, the memory or the imagination.
A recurring thread within Belinda’s work is the relationship between forms, where curve almost meets curve, nearly, but not quite touching, creating a spatial tension, charged with anticipation.
Belinda's first exhibition with Bett Gallery is scheduled for January 2012.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bronek Kozka featured in current issue of Artist Profile magazine

The work of Melbourne photographic artist Bronek Kózka occupies an intigiung space.  Drawing on snippets of collective and personal memory, his highly construced, meticulously lit images trace an unlikely path between mnemonic index and vividly filmic tableaux.

But while cinema would seem a central reference to Kózka's fastidiuosly detailed photographs, he frames his practice in a far more personal and poetic light.  Born into a part Jewish family from a village near Auschwitz, his experience of familial history has loomed large in his reading of the world and the place of memory and the photographs within that.

Check out Artist Profile magazine for the rest of this article written by Dan Rule.

Bronek Kózka's exhibition Memory: Pandora's Hippocampus is currently on now until the 3rd of September.

Neil Haddon featured in September/October Vogue Living

A couple of 25 Year exhibition opening snaps

The Bett Gallery 'love scrum'
Our wonderful supporters squeeze in

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Joel Crosswell wins MONA Prize

Joel Crosswell, Godson 2011, ink on paper - winner MONA Prize
Joel Crosswell has been awarded the $7,500 non-acquisitive MONA prize as part of the Hobart City Art Prize  Joel will be filling our backspace with over 40 small sculptural 'beings' and a selection of drawings in his upcoming exhibition titled The Little show of Existence. Opens October 7.

What are our artist's up to?

Anne MacDonald & Troy Ruffels are 2011 recipients of new work grants from the Australia Council for the Arts.  

Richard Wastell’s exhibition She-oak & River Patterns opens at King Street Gallery, Sydney on 23 August.   

Annika Koops exhibition Act Natural opens at Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne on 18 August.   

David Keeling has an exhibition opening at Niagara Gallery on 30 August.  

 Meg Walch is working towards a solo exhibition titled The Lineage of Eccentricity Stage 2 at MOP Projects, Sydney.   

David Keeling & Helen Wright are finalists in the 2011 Hutchins Prize. 

Bronek Kozka will be giving a talk at the Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney as part of his exhibition Dreams & Realities, 3 September, 2011.
David Stephenson’s work is currently on show in Deep Water: Photographs 1860-2000 at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne until 11 September 2011; at John Buckley Gallery, Melbourne until 2 September 2011 and Transcendence: photographs by David Stephenson opens at Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne on 16 September until 16 October 2011

Peter James Smith is presenting a paper on Art & Maths at Auckland University.

Barbie Kjar, Troy Ruffels, Sue Lovegrove, Tim Burns & Raymond Arnold are currently exhibiting at Celia Lendis Gallery in Gloucester, UK in a show titled Van Dieman's Land: Tasmanian Art in the UK.   

Jonathan Kimberley & Jim Everett are preparing for The Global Dome Unlimited - a multi-media installation incorporating sculpture, video, sound and a live discussion with the audience. The artists have created a unique sculptural environment in the Old Mildura Station Woolshed for Palimpsest #8.  As the final Palimpsest event on Sunday 11 September the installation will be transformed by an artists performance and unfold into a long table discussion over lunch, hosted by chef Stefano de Pieri

Barbie Kjar is also involved in Impact, an International Print Symposium held at Monash University, Melbourne next month.  

Welcome to the stable

We welcome three new artists to the Bett Gallery stable.  Pat Brassington, Neil Haddon and Meg Walch.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tom O'Hern in Primavera 2011

Tom O’Hern has been selected for The Museum of Contemporary Art’s annual Primavera exhibition featuring work by Australian artists aged 35 years and under - opening on September the 8th. For the first time in it's 20 year history, Primavera 2011 will take place in The Rocks, exploring how artists can enliven the everyday and provide unique experiences in the city. Here's more on the show.

Yowie  -  Tom O'Hern

25 Years - An Unfolding Journey

Bett Gallery Team

What a night!  To all our artist’s, collector's, colleague's, friend's and family who joined us in our celebrations – thank you.  And to those who couldn’t be there but sent their well wishes - thank you.  It was an incredibly special night – nicely summed up by David Handley (Sculpture by the Sea) as a ‘Love Scrum’.   A wonderful opportunity for all of us to catch up and celebrate the gallery and it’s artists.  We now look on to the next 25 years with great fervour.