Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Belinda Winkler joins Bett Gallery

Energy & Equilibrium #2, porcelain.  Acquired by Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery

Belinda Winkler is a sculptor, ceramist and object designer. Within her multidisciplinary practice, she works across a diverse range of media and scales, from porcelain through to fibreglass, steel, bronze, Lycra and concrete and from intimately scaled vessel forms through to architectural installations and large-scale public art commissions.
Belinda’s art and research practice is focused on an exploration of the evocative nature of the curve under tension. Her visually dynamic curves are created through the stress forces of tension, compression, torsion and bending. These particular curves hold a certain ambiguity and mystery. While abstract, they invite associations beyond the visual and the intellectual. They are evocative, and thus have the potential to generate identifications and connections, both sensually and aesthetically. They tempt touch, be that with the eyes, the hands, the memory or the imagination.
A recurring thread within Belinda’s work is the relationship between forms, where curve almost meets curve, nearly, but not quite touching, creating a spatial tension, charged with anticipation.
Belinda's first exhibition with Bett Gallery is scheduled for January 2012.